Do Styling Products Cause Hair Loss?

Fact or fiction?

do styling products cause hair loss

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Do you want to have your hair stay longer for a very long time without risking going bald? The chances of you getting so many yes answers to this question are very high. There are so many people who will stop at nothing to make sure that they get to retain their hair. Well, much as this is a dream come true for many people, some are never that lucky. There are lots of myths that have been put up to try and explain the issue of hair loss to many people. One of the most common of these is that hair gel and hair spray usually cause hair loss. This is as far from the truth as can be. There are so many logical reasons why hair loss is persistent, and you can be sure that your incessant use of gel and hairspray do not rank up high on the list of things not to do.

Can styling products cause hair loss?

Hair gel has its own disadvantages in as far as the hair is concerned but none of them includes making you go bald. In most cases the use of hair gel only makes your hair dry. Besides that it has also been reported to cause extensive damage to your strands of hair individually. However the one thing that hair gel does not do is causing baldness. Over time there are so many scientists who have been able to prove that hair loss is not caused by use of hair products, and it is high time you got to believe this.

It could be other causes

There are lots of reasons why you might lose your hair. A good number of the reasons have been exploited already in lots of avenues. From shock to heredity and hormonal changes, all these are some of the most prevalent reasons why you tend to lose hair. There are also those who lose their hair as a result of medical conditions or some form of illness. Some of the medicines that have been known to cause this include the medicines for depression, blood pressure and heart conditions. Those who take medicines for joint inflammations are also at a risk of suffering hair loss.

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