Practices That Cause Natural Hair Breakage

Practices That Cause Natural Hair BreakageYou’ve probably heard every advice possible from your stylist – keep your hair moisturized, don’t pull your tresses, pay attention to the ends of your hair, and try avoiding stiff protective styles. While these are all great things to keep in mind, none of them can be as effective as making sure to fully avoid the following four practices.

1) Banding

Banding is a common yet very simple technique to lengthen curls in the hair without using a blow dryer or flat-iron. Banding too tight or too frequently cause the roots of the hair to get damaged, leading to hair breakage. To avoid this issue, take down bands in reverse. This will prevent your hair from tangling or becoming damaged.

2) Hair Claws

Hair claws are a girl’s best friend after diamonds as they keep their hair out of the way while they’re working. However, using hair claws too often causes the hair to become fuzzy and stiff, tangling your hair and causing it to break. To prevent this problem, evenly part your hair before sectioning or stop using hair claws.

3) Pineappling

A pineapple is a quick nighttime styling method. However, it leaves your nape hair wide open and ready for breakage. It also exposes the backside of your hair with time, guaranteeing breakage. To counter this, sleep on a satin pillowcase or while covering your hair with a satin bonnet.

4) Heat Damage

Heat may help you get the style you want, but it’ll suck the moisture out of your hair, causing dryness and eventually hair breakage. So go on a hair detox of sorts and avoid using heat styling tools for six months to prevent hair breakage.

So avoid these four habits if you want to enjoy flaunting healthy, great-looking hair. However, remember to also go for a healthy diet as looking good starts from the inside out.



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