Selenium Helps Protect your Hair from the Harsh Environment

Selenium Helps Protect your Hair from the Harsh EnvironmentSelenium Helps Protect your Hair from the Harsh Environment

Most of us will lose some of our hair by the time we are fifty, which is unfortunate and annoying. Hair gets thin and dry and brittle, which can lead to hair loss. There are certain nutrients, like selenium, that are really good for the hair and can keep it in better condition. Selenium can help to minimize hair loss if you use it in the right dose. Here’s how it works.

The body needs certain nutrients for all of its tissues, including hair. According to the Huntington College of Health Sciences, a deficiency of selenium in your diet can cause problems with your hair growing the way you would like it to. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that selenium works because it’s an antioxidant that helps to reverse some of the damage in the body from environmental effects. Selenium is also really good for your immune system too. Because of all this, the selenium helps with hair growth.

You are probably now wondering where you can get selenium from. Eat lots of liver and fish to get selenium in your diet. Eat a lot of butter, whole grains, and even garlic to get the selenium your body needs. You can also get selenium in the form of a vitamin as well, but don’t take more than fifty mcg per day. This is because if you take way too much selenium, it can actually become toxic to your body. So, use it in moderation.

You might not know this, but selenium can not only help you to grow your hair, but it’s good for your health overall. It helps with the repair of environmental damage. It can also help with the health of your heart and can help to boost resistance to some kinds of cancer, so it is imperative to have it in your diet.


Keeping your Healthy Hair with Iodine

Keeping your Healthy Hair with IodineIodine is a neat little trace element that our bodies have grown accustomed to having. It is so necessary in our body that iodine deficiency can lead to hair loss, increased chances of cancer cells growing, and serious thyroid problems.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, checking whether you have enough iodine in your diet is a great place to start troubleshooting. If you are not getting enough iodine, you can look for a supplement which contains the recommended daily dose.

Getting a healthy amount of iodine is not hard in the first place, so you may as well ensure you’re getting your fill. You might have noticed that many forms of food will even advertise that they have iodine in them. Take for example iodized salt. Other great sources of iodine are kelp, eggs, and many kinds of sea foods.

For shiny, healthy hair you will want a fair dosage of iodine in your diet. Adequate levels of iodine can help hair regrow if you are experiencing hair loss due to iodine deficiency, and can perhaps improve normal growth.

Just think, a little bit of kelp every few days and your hair will love you for it. Most Americans need it too. Many Americans do not have enough iodine in their diets, which leads to problems with metabolism, premature hair loss, unhealthy hair and skin, and worse problems. Do not starve your body of what it needs if you want to keep it healthy.

There are a lot of products out there that advertise being able to make you regrow your hair or get healthy hair back. Before you go looking for pills and ointments to help your hair, look at giving your body everything that it needs to be healthy first. Put a little bit of iodine in your diet and your hair will be happier for it.


How to Make Dull Hair Look Sleek and Polished

How to Make Dull Hair Look Sleek and PolishedAll of us want to have the sleek and shining hair flaunted in beauty and fashion magazines. The fact is that these glossy locks are usually achieved with the help of a lot of hair products, professional lighting and some smart technical edits. However, that doesn’t mean that your hair can’t get shinier and healthier. You can easily get your hair to look good within certain realistic limits and without any special effects.

Before solving your problem, you need to understand why hair gets dull. If you tend to use a lot of heat and chemicals to style your hair on a regular basis, your hair will lose its luster. Using harsh styling techniques, excessive stress and exposure to environmental soils can also lead to dull hair. Now that you know why your hair has grown dull, here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you counter this situation.

Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water

One of the best ways you can retain the shine of your hair is by keeping it moisturized. Excessive heat to your hair results in opened cuticles, which in turn make your hair dull. By simply rinsing your hair with cold water, you can close down these cuticles and improve the look of your tresses. Just make sure that you don’t undo the benefits you get from cold rinsing by blow drying your hair with excessive heat.

Embrace Rinses with Natural Products

You can also rinse your hair with some natural products to add some luster to it. For instance, you can use vinegar to rinse your hair after shampooing and conditioning it. To carry this out, add a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water and use the mixture to rinse your hair. Using this mixture regularly will tighten the cuticle layer of your hair, helping you keep your hair shiny.

Make the Right Shampoo Choices

To prevent your hair from looking dull, you need to use a shampoo that can moisturize your hair and a moisture rich conditioner to complement it. You can find several of these shampoos and conditioners in stores to help you maintain the healthy look and shine of your hair.

So make sure that your hair is always looking its best using these simple natural remedies.

PABA and Its Effects on Hair

PABA and Its Effects on HairPara-aminobenzoic acid, often referred to as PABA, is a nutrient that has been suggested to increase the health of one’s hair and skin. Although this nutrient is known as vitamin Bx, it is not a vitamin by classification. Para-aminobenzoic acid is enclosed in a form of folic acid, a B vitamin, thus this nutrient is a complex of the B vitamin.

PABA occurs naturally in the human body. This nutrient is processed from good bacteria which may be found in our intestines. This nutrient improves the body’s ability to breakdown protein and allows our bodies to use it more efficiently. These functions are very important for healthy hair.

A primary cause of hair loss and early hair graying is an insufficiency of B vitamins. If you are losing hair or you have noticed your hair is beginning to grey, you can renovate its original pigment and help regrowth of the hair by using PABA supplements. However, this action is effective only if your hair loss or graying is a product of a vitamin B deficiency. Typically, the hair color can be restored when one practices a vitamin B rich diet, or adds in supplements with Para-aminobenzoic acid. However, even if the color is not restored, the hair will be much stronger and healthier.

In addition to hair health, Para-aminobenzoic acid has antioxidant properties and helps to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Because of this property, this nutrient is found in various sunscreen products, which can help reduce the damage that is caused to the skin when outdoors.

This nutrient is essential for hair growth, and when there is a shortage of this nutrient the hair will suffer. Paying attention to maintaining a proper diet and preserving your general health will allow your body to send the proper nutrients to your skin and hair. Remember to minimize your intake of saturated fat, salt, sugar, and caffeine. This will allow your body to work more effectively and support your general health.


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