PABA and Its Effects on Hair

PABA and Its Effects on HairPara-aminobenzoic acid, often referred to as PABA, is a nutrient that has been suggested to increase the health of one’s hair and skin. Although this nutrient is known as vitamin Bx, it is not a vitamin by classification. Para-aminobenzoic acid is enclosed in a form of folic acid, a B vitamin, thus this nutrient is a complex of the B vitamin.

PABA occurs naturally in the human body. This nutrient is processed from good bacteria which may be found in our intestines. This nutrient improves the body’s ability to breakdown protein and allows our bodies to use it more efficiently. These functions are very important for healthy hair.

A primary cause of hair loss and early hair graying is an insufficiency of B vitamins. If you are losing hair or you have noticed your hair is beginning to grey, you can renovate its original pigment and help regrowth of the hair by using PABA supplements. However, this action is effective only if your hair loss or graying is a product of a vitamin B deficiency. Typically, the hair color can be restored when one practices a vitamin B rich diet, or adds in supplements with Para-aminobenzoic acid. However, even if the color is not restored, the hair will be much stronger and healthier.

In addition to hair health, Para-aminobenzoic acid has antioxidant properties and helps to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Because of this property, this nutrient is found in various sunscreen products, which can help reduce the damage that is caused to the skin when outdoors.

This nutrient is essential for hair growth, and when there is a shortage of this nutrient the hair will suffer. Paying attention to maintaining a proper diet and preserving your general health will allow your body to send the proper nutrients to your skin and hair. Remember to minimize your intake of saturated fat, salt, sugar, and caffeine. This will allow your body to work more effectively and support your general health.


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