Pregnancy and Healthy Hair – What To Expect While You Are Expecting

Pregnancy and healthy hair different for everyone


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There are many changes to a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant, but the changes to a woman’s hair while she is pregnant are rarely talked about. Pregnant women often notice that their hair feels much thicker than it did before they became pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones may change the hair texture or hair growth during pregnancy. That is not to say that every pregnant woman will experience this, the hormones affect all women differently. Some will notice no significant changes to their hair while others experience fast-growing hair that feels much fuller. The increased amount of estrogens will lead to thicker hair on the scalp by extending the hair’s growing cycle.

When do women notice?

The level of hormones starts to increase during the first trimester, so this is likely when most women experience pregnancy-induced hair growth. Even if a woman notices a dramatic difference, the hair often returns to its normal growth pattern approximately three to six months after the woman gives birth.

Popular misconceptions

Pregnant women who do notice a significant difference often assume that their head of hair feels much fuller while they are pregnant, but they are in fact not growing more hair. Whereas almost 90% of our hair is constantly in the hair growth stage, the increased level of estrogen ensures that this level increases even further. This leads to a more luxuriant, thicker head of hair.

Possible hair loss?

Most women have probably also heard that pregnancy is often associated with hair loss. However, this is not until AFTER the woman has given birth. While the woman is pregnant, she will have healthy hair because of the abundance of estrogen.  However, it is possible that the vomiting and nausea will lead to poor nutrition, especially in the first trimester. During that time, it may be a good idea to take supplements to prevent hair loss. Of course, it is always a good idea to discuss that with your healthcare physician before you take anything while pregnant.

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