Understanding The Telogen Phase of Hair Growth

telogen phase of hair growth

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The telogen phase is the ‘end of the line’ for our hair; this is where the hair follicle rests. The telogen phase can last around two to four months. During the telogen phase, the dead hair cells gather and form a bulb at the root of the hair. Because the hair is disconnected from the dermal papilla, it may shed at any point during the telogen phase.

Moving forward to a new phase

At any point, almost 10 to 15% of the hair on our head is in the telogen phase. Because the hair follicles are no longer provided with nutrients, the hair is thin and weak and it becomes easy to pull the hair out. These are the hairs that we see when we comb or wash our hair. After about three months, most hair in the telogen phase will fall out on its own to make place for new hair that is coming through.

After the telogen phase is complete, the hair follicle will re-enter the growing (anagen) phase. The hair follicle base and dermal papilla join again and leads to the creation of a new hair. If the hair has not been shed already, this process will actually push the old hair out.

Telogen effluvium

While our hair naturally enters the rest phase after a certain amount of time, it is possible to trigger an early entry into this period. This scalp disorder known as telogen effluvium is characterized by shedding or thinning of our hair. This can occur because of physiological or emotional stress, which causes the alteration of the normal hair cycle. Some known causes include drugs, hypothyroidism, crash diets, severe emotional disorders, anemia, major surgery, chronic illness, childbirth, fever, and eating disorders.

Trademarks of the telogen phase of hair growth

During this period, the following is true about our hair:

  • At any point, between 10 and 15 percent of our hair is in the telogen phase
  • We will shed 50 to 100 hairs every day because of this phase
  • The telogen phase will last an average of three months
  • It becomes easy to pull out the hair and once the hair falls, a new hair follicle emerges.

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