Vitamin B6, Your Hair, and Your Health

Vitamin B6, Your Hair, and Your HealthVitamin B6 is a rather neat and necessary vitamin that you can find in a lot of common foods such as certain vegetables, meats, fish, milk, and grains that are likely in your diet. It’s also artificially injected into other foods and in supplements. What it does is provide your body with essential enzyme reactions and plays a hefty role in the metabolism.

When combined with azelaic acid, vitamin b6 is known to stimulate hair growth. This does not mean to overdose on vitamin b6 though, as this can have side effects. Instead you should be aiming to keep your levels of vitamin b6 on the healthy side and looking at supplements where your regular levels are insufficient. (Consuming too much vitamin b6 is a bit tricky anyway. It is a water soluble vitamin so any excess that your body cannot handle will be expelled when you go to the toilet. You would have to consume an awful lot of it in a very short period of time in order to hurt yourself.)

By no means is vitamin b6 some kind of magical hair growth elixir, it is just a natural process in the body being fueled by the necessary components. By consuming enough vitamin b6 to keep your body running at full capacity you will see a healthy regrowth of hair in many cases. Should you be seeing hair loss then checking to make sure that your vitamin b6 intake is sufficient can be a great first step to reversing the damage.

Healthy amounts of vitamin b6 will give you a healthy scalp which in turn acts as an excellent place for hair growth. Besides, on the inverse, failure to consume enough vitamin b6 has some nasty negative side effects. You will start becoming depressed and fatigued, as well as feeling weak and irritable. Stay healthy and keep your vitamin b6 levels at a good level.


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