Hair Loss and Decreased Blood Flow to The Scalp

hair loss and blood flow to the scalpBy now you must have already gotten accustomed to lots of myths and rumors about hair loss and how to get your hair back on in the event that you have lost hair. One of the most common myths that people have about hair loss is that it is caused by a decrease in the flow of blood to the scalp. Much as this might sound like something that makes sense, you can rest assured that there is nothing more to it than a propagated myth that has been around for so many years. There is no connection between these two, and you can as well be sure that a decrease in the flow of blood to your scalp will not cause hair loss.

On the other hand, it is also important for you to come to understand that there might be another view of this altogether. When you think about it, you will need some blood flow to grow your hair. However, you also need to realize that once you have lost your hair, the amount of blood that flows to your scalp will tend to reduce. The reason for this is that the absence of hair makes it unnecessary. It is pretty important also to point out the fact that hair loss usually happens to a lot of people before the flow of blood reduces. What this means is that you might need to look into the relationship between hair loss and blood flow to the scalp closely.

According to so many scientists, a decrease in the flow of blood to the scalp cannot cause hair loss, but as a matter of fact, hair loss is a result of the same. There are those who have been able to prove this for a very long time. if you try to get some good air and manage to have it on a bald scalp, you will be able to make some observations. In the event that the scalp in question has experienced decreased blood flow, you will be able to realize that the flow of blood will continue only as long as the hair has started growing.

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