Sarsaparilla – Full of Rooty Goodness

Sarsaparilla - Full of Rooty GoodnessLet’s talk about sarsaparilla root, what it can do for your health, and how it might be able to help you with a variety of different conditions that you might have. It may seem like a strange choice of plant to be considered a great source of nutrients, but emerging research is showing sarsaparilla root may be a great way to treat some skin conditions, and to have a powerful effect on how fast and how thick one’s hair grows.

Not Just a Tasty Drink

Sarsaparilla root, as with many things good for our health, comes from a plant. People have been using the root of this plant for centuries but it wasn’t until the 1400’s that the sarsaparilla root became available in European countries. If you’ve heard of sarsaparilla before, it’s probably because you’ve heard of the drink that became very popular. Perhaps you are not aware though that a pharmacist originally came up with the idea for the Sarsaparilla drink.

What Can Sarsaparilla Do for Me?

Number one, sarsaparilla helps to purify the blood and provide relief for inflammation and spasms of the muscles. So, if you have any type of condition that causes inflammation or muscle spasm, sarsaparilla is a lesser-known root you should definitely get your hands on. It’s also been known to work well as an antiseptic.

What Makes It So Powerful?

The sarsaparilla root has a ton of nutrients in it, including selenium and iron. These ingredients can be used to help with gout and fevers. Sarsaparilla is also suggested for a variety of different problems related to the skin and hair. A study has shown that sarsaparilla root is good for treating psoriasis and allergies.

Sarsaparilla root has also been shown to be potentially powerful at helping to grow or regrow hair. It’s been used in the past by Native Americans for this purpose, and has seen a modern resurgence in use.


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