Thiamin’s Effect on You and Your Hair

Thiamin’s Effect on You and Your HairThiamin, also known as vitamin B1 is beneficial in hair growth, and health in general. The primary use your body has for thiamin is in the process of metabolization (we’ll get to this). Thiamin is naturally found in many foods, including meat, grins, beans, and similar products. You’ll also find it in foods artificially injected with thiamin, and in B1 supplements.

Thiamin has a number of great uses in the body including boosting the immune system, handling cataracts, canker sores, heart problems, and it can even reverse or prevent premature hair loss.

Without thiamin in your diet you will most likely suffer unhealthy hair, loss of hair, loss of appetite, and a number of immune system disorders. Overdosing on thiamin is difficult to do due to its nature as a water soluble vitamin. Excesses of vitamin B1 present in the body will be flushed out regularly by the process of going to pee. In other words, unless you are specifically trying to overdose on thiamin you are not going to!

If you find yourself low on thiamin and suffering symptoms of low thiamin then you may want to increase the amount in your normal diet by eating foods that contain it and possibly trying out a vitamin b supplement.

Thiamin helps the body produce ATP, which acts as energy for cells. It also helps to overcome stress. A major cause for damage to your hair and a big cause for hair loss is indeed stress and dealing with stressful conditions. Better adapting to and handling stress and stressful conditions with thiamin will prevent damage to your hair and your hair’s health. Thanks to its boost to your immune system, it can help prevent stress from illnesses and nasty colds.

Everything about thiamin is natural and necessary for your body. Thiamin is not some sort of magical drug; it is just a basic component that your body needs as fuel to do what it does. Keep your hair and body healthy by giving them what they need.


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