Regular Intake of L-Methionine Supports Healthy Hair

Regular Intake of L-Methionine Supports Healthy HairMaintaining healthy hair is crucial to sporting great looks. When you know that hair loss can affect your physical appearance to a large extent, it’s essential to protect your hair and promote its growth. L-methionine, also known as Methionine, is one of the 8 amino acids that can severely affect your hair health when deficient. This means you must include this essential amino acid in your diet on a regular basis. Rich in nutritional value, L-methionine’s role in synthesizing glutathione, a powerful cellular antioxidant in the body, helps to increase energy levels and provides anti-aging effects.

Promoting collagen formation, methionine helps to grow hair longer and faster. However, to achieve this you must make it a practice to consume methionine-rich foods or vitamin supplements that contain the amino acid. Egg, cheese, meat, fish, sesame seeds, and Brazil nuts are among the rich sources of L-methionine. Although the amino acid is found in fruits and vegetables, its content is negligible. Given the fact that methionine is not produced in the body, it’s very important to ensure a diet that contains the amino acid or to supplements your diet to derive the required amount of needed to maintain hair health.

An important source of sulfur, which is needed to curtail loss of hair and promote adequate growth, L-methionine is extensively sought after by those who find it difficult to grow hair by trying several other means. Since the amino acid is not found in abundance in vegetarian foods, those who rely on a vegan diet must ensure intake of L-methionine supplements in required amounts to offset the imbalance of their diet.

The recommended intake of the essential amino acid for men and women above 18 years of age is about one gram daily. A deficit in L-methionine can adversely affect your body, so don’t waste time to supply your body with sufficient quantities of the vital amino acid.


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