Grape Seed Extract Combats Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a Leading Cause of Hair Loss

Grape Seed Extract Combats Dihydrotestosterone – a Leading Cause of Hair LossGrape seed extract has long been known to a home remedy for hair loss. Recent research has proven that grape seed extract can help stimulate new healthy hair growth through the suppression of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT. DHT is known to stop hair the hair follicle growth cycle as we age and the chemical builds up in the body. Grape seed extract helps to reverse this process by attaching itself to the DHT so it can then be flushed out of the body. It also works by slowing down the body’s production of DHT in the first place, creating a super-effective hair growth stimulus. It also has been shown to reduce the inflammatory cytokines that have been known to block the hormones necessary for full hair growth.

Another promising lead is that it has been shown to counteract rising estrogen levels in men as they age, something that is currently being researched further. A recent study showed that by simply adding grape seed extract supplementation to a person’s diet can result in up to 230% increase in hair cell production. These new breakthrough in research have provided a much-needed remedy for those growing older and beginning to lose their hair.

The best way for the body to absorb this amazing hair care restoration is from a 5:1 concentration. This formula is the best way for the high concentration of flavonoids, and other OPCs that are extremely beneficial to the body. The recommended daily does is around 150 to 300mg. This is the perfect ratio at the right 5:1 concentration for the body to absorb the grape seed extract in the best possible way.

It is never too early to start a regimen that contains grape seed extract. It works for more than just hair. It stimulates hair growth, increases blood flow, and makes skin healthier. It is also an extremely powerful antioxidant which has a proven track record of being good for the body in many ways other than just what we can see on the outside. Antioxidants help keep the body running properly and efficiently, helping to flush out many of the toxins that occur naturally in our daily diet.

Grape seed extract is an extremely safe and effective way to help regrow hair.


Our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. Because everyone is different, we recommend you work with your medical professional to determine what’s best for you. Toji: Pure Density is designed to support healthy hair growth, and comes with a 3-bottle guarantee. Yes – this means you can try it for 3 months, and if you don’t grow faster, thicker, longer hair we will gladly provide you a complete, 100% money back, refund . For more info, check out our site:

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