Only Men Suffer From Genetic Hair Loss – Fact or Fiction?

Only Men Suffer From Genetic Hair Loss – True or False?For the average woman, it’s all too easy to look at the opposite sex with pity when one of them becomes yet another victim of hair loss. “Poor guys,” they often think. “Thank goodness hair loss in females isn’t genetic. For us, curing hair loss is reversible. That’s because when we lose hair, it’s usually due to aggressive hair care techniques, malnutrition, stress, or medical illness. Once we treat these conditions, our hair instantly goes back to normal.”

If you’re one of those women who subscribes to this notion that the fair sex is impervious to genetic hair loss, you’re going to want to sit down for this one. Hair loss (otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia) is indeed hereditary – not only just for men but for women as well. Initially, this may seem hard to believe, because baldness in women doesn’t look the same as it does in men. After all, it’s not like when a woman suffers from genetic hair loss, she’ll start sporting the classic receding hairline often seen in balding men.

Unfortunately, the fact that a woman does not have a receding hairline does not mean that she is not suffering genetic hair loss. This is because androgenetic alopecia in women expresses itself in a way very differently from men. Whereas men will exhibit classic signs of “male pattern baldness”, women do not. What they experience is thinning all over the scalp. It’s this thinning that gives the illusion that whatever baldness they’re experiencing must only be either stress, medical, or beauty-treatment related.

This is not all to say that if you yourself are beginning to see signs of thinning, you should fall into a panic and assume the worst. As you’re already well aware of, there could be many reasons why you’re balding, so it’s always best to go to your physician to find out why this is happening. Just don’t rule out the possibility that if you’re suffering from thinning, it could be genetic and decide to resort to self-treatment to reverse or cure it. That’s because no amount of vitamin pill popping or spending a relaxing day at the spa will reverse androgenetic alopecia. In the case of genetic hair loss, only medical intervention will help.


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