Avoid Losing Hair to Inflammation

Avoid Losing Hair to InflammationInflammation of the scalp, or indeed any other part of the body, is going to cause hair loss. There are no two ways about it. If you are experiencing inflammation in an area then it can lead to premature hair loss in both men and women. Inflammation can be caused by any number of things but there is a significant amount of research indicating that much is caused by diet. That is right, what you eat is affecting your hair.

When Does It Start

You can begin noticing inflammation in newborns. Depending on the formula or milk that they are being fed, even newborns can exhibit inflammation and show hair loss. This trend continues through their life and into adulthood. If dietary changes are not made then inflammation can lead to premature balding as early as your 30s or 40s. Even just adding an anti-inflammatory to your daily routine will go a long way to helping prevent or reverse hair loss. Review your lifestyle and consider where you can afford to makes changes and how large of a change you can sustain.

Shift Your Diet

Eating fewer fatty foods and obtaining calories from non-fatty sources is a great first step in preventing inflammation. No-one wants to start premature balding. It is crippling to our self-esteem and it is something that you just know everyone else notices. Some parts of inflammation cannot be immediately turned around by a change in diet though. You have probably been eating a diet that has lead to inflammation your entire life, and it is going to take more than a quick shift in what you eat to fix things. That does not mean that it will not help though.

Inflammation affects your scalp by killing individual hair follicles. Given enough time it will eat through your hair and cause hair loss and even balding. It is reversible if you shift your diet and give it time. Hair loss that is caused by inflammation will eventually regrow if you maintain a healthier diet for long enough. If you catch inflammation early by shifting your diet, you can prevent the hair loss from inflammation caused by a poor diet altogether.


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