A Bad Night’s Sleep Can Cause Hair Loss

A Bad Night’s Sleep can cause Hair LossThere are many myths when it comes to hair loss and male pattern baldness (MPB). For a long time people have pointed to a lack of sleep as a possible issue when it comes to baldness, and this has often been relegated to just another baldness myth. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Don’t stress your hair

Hair is very sensitive to changes and stress on the body, and research has found direct links to lack of sleep causing stress that does indeed cause hair loss. This hair loss is known as Telogen effluvium, and is, for the most part, a temporary condition that can be reversed.

How much sleep?

The amount of sleep needed for each individual varies, but the average is 8 hours. Sleep deprivation for long periods can and will stress the body and this can lead to hair loss.

Stress is the culprit

Sleep is a vital function for the human body, as this is the time when the body goes about repairing damaged cells. Baldness is directly related to damaged cells that scar over and stop producing hair. Stress has been shown as an influencing factor in a high proportion of hair loss cases, and you guessed it, a lack of sleep is particularly bad for of stress to the body.

It’s only temporary

Sometimes this lack of sleep only leads to a temporary loss of hair due to stress but for those who have a hereditary link to baldness lack of sleep can speed up the process. Telogen effluvium can come on very suddenly due to stress and cause drastic hair loss overnight. Picture yourself washing your hair in the morning and losing handfuls of hair.

Stop the stress

Fortunately, Telogen effluvium can be reversed by stopping the stress causing it in the first place. If that stress is brought on by a sleep disorder you can speak with your doctor to help get your sleeping patterns back on track to get that stress down.



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